The deadline to claim your camp has passed

Camp Registration

Did you know that we have simulated the entire campground at Black Rock City? Yes, we have! If you have a camp and you had a placement in 2019, your camp has been simulated and exists in the Multiverse. All you have to do is to claim your camp. You can access your campground via a website we will provide and schedule workshops and hold zoom meetings. 


It’s very simple: you can host any type of workshops and broadcast them to your virtual campground. When someone steps in your campground they will see your available events and they can join. In addition, you can setup zoom meetings and when people step inside your virtual camp they will see that there is a zoom meeting and they can join. 


We have the ability to allow all of the camps to broadcast any content simultaneously. So just like the real Black Rock City, many camps can hold workshops and meetings. 

Want to help us?

(1) Please spread the word. We want the world to learn about Burning man and it’s values.

(2) Please donate to us to offset the enormous cost of developing this platform.