Welcome to the Multiverse,

It is because of you, we embark as one, on a bold new journey towards a better humanity. It is here and now that we can begin to take control and redefine ways and depths in which we connect as a whole.

Multiverse offers a space for us to find a shared voice and for all to show self expression, and fearlessly unleash our creativity on a global scale. By creating as one we are co-creating with the divine universal consciousness, lending us all a better understanding of what it means to be human.


Dive into 3-D digital destiny in Dusty Multiverse.
Burn Week 21 is filled with spirit, creativity, and global interconnectivity. Who will you meet? A friend, love interest, maybe network a unique opportunity? Your a customizable 3-D avatar but will you reveal your most authentic self? Art from BM Honoraria Artist & unveil of Burning Man’s 2022 Temple. See DJ’s perform at Burning Man’s famous sound camps, show off dance moves, join Social Rooms & Visual Workshops.

Bring your talent and share them globally at this years Burn event!

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Join us for a week long virtual burn with art, music, and connection

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Fellow burners and creators of Multiverse platform, Volunteers, and dozens of world-renown DJ’s, artists, creators and more.


Dive into 3-D digital destiny in The Dusty Multiverse with Virtual Art installations, Music, veteran camps and new camps all coming together to bring Burning Man in 2021 alongside the event (if it takes place, fingers crossed) so everyone from around the world can connect and join in.


August 30th – September 7th, 2021


On your IOS or Android phones from the app store. To have a larger or 4k experience cast to your Smart tv!

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