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Multiverse is the first-of-its-kind blockchain enabled Metaverse-As-A-Service platform with photorealistic graphics for all immersive applications, specially 3D NFTs. Multiverse is a network of blockchain enabled immersive and fully-interactive virtual environments. Multiverse allows any entity, artist and creative, to design an immersive environment with photorealistic objects and connect that environment to the Multiverse blockchain.

Once connected, the environment becomes a token and fully owned by its creator. Multiverse is the perfect partner for web 3 companies and NFT projects. Developed by Clipo Labs, Multiverse provides its proprietary Interactive Immersive Reality (IIR) technology to make any environment fully interactive .Accessible from any smart device, it works extremely well on VR hardware but does not need it.

You can access the same environment and functionality with just a standard smartphone (iOS, Android) and you can mirror your phone to your smart TV and enjoy it with your friends at home or on a large cinema screen / projector.

IIR technology is being used by world’s top brands to launch never-seen-before immersive environments. We hosted the official virtual Burning Man in 2020 / 2021, simulated the entire Black Rock City (7 square miles), using IIR tech, which became the largest virtual events in arts & music history.

As seen on: Forbes, NY Times, Tech Crunch, Wall Street Journal, DJ Mag, La Stampa, Mixmag, Burning Man journal.

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News + Events

Earth Day 2022 in the Multiverse

  On April 22nd, from 3-6pm ET, the first multiverse Earth Day event ever will occur, only at Salvation on the Multiverse App. The event, co-Hosted by Fridays For Future Climate Education, Be. and EARTHDAY.ORG, will benefit the Indigenous of the Amazon rainforest...

Multiverse Nominated for best app of 2021!

We are calling on all of our fellow Burners and anyone who has used the Multiverse app. This is a big, big deal for us to be in the nomination for top app of 2021. Please visit the link below and cast your vote! Voting ends January 16th!...

Salvati0n & Incipere

Salvati0n and Incipere are two open worlds in the Multiverse that are open 24/7.


Worlds are Metaverses inside the Multiverse platform

Dogalanche World Preview Image

Our NFT series with Cliff Bleszinski and the world where you can interact and find your Doggo sidekick in the Multiverse.


The World’s first self sufficient interactive immersive reality land experience designed by Fabio Genito. Official Burning Man Camp. First NFT Valley in the Multiverse.

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Stills from different Multiverse worlds

multiverse features

The Multiverse is ever-growing and developing.  It expands as we expand. Below is an introduction to some of its features.


Express yourself or your other self with a massive array of avatar customization options along.


Fully Immersive Concerts , DJ Sets, Conferences,  Art Galleries and Events can take place in the Multiverse.



You can interact with avatars who can be located anywhere in the world, and engage in voice chats, talks, conferences and philosophical discussions.

NFT Icon


View, earn, buy and trade NFT’s from clothing and accessories for your avatar, rare items, tokens, art and collectibles.



There are 2 ways to navigate the Multiverse. Your hoverboard and by teleporting between spots on the world map.

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Multiverse IIR in Mixmag Asia

Mixmag Asia
Virtual Burning Man 2020

La Stampa
Virtual Burning Man 2020

Multiverse in Tech Crunch
Virtual Burning Man 2020

Multiverse in Forbes
Virtual Burning Man 2020

Multiverse in Burning Man Journal

Multiverse in the Burning Man Journal
Virtual Burning Man 2021

Multiverse in the NY Times
Virtual Burning Man 2020

Multiverse in Burning Man Journal

Multiverse in DJ Mag
Virtual Burning Man 2020

Multiverse on Oculus
Virtual Burning Man 2020

What is “IIR”?

“IIR” stands for Interactive Immersive Reality. This immersive visual technology runs on mobile phones and VR headsets. Think of IIR as a stack of technologies that take an immersive experience to the next level.

IIR provides the ability to 3rd parties to access the virtual environment from a web-based portal for certain things. For example: camps can broadcast live events and music remotely into the environment from a simple-to-use web portal.

In addition, IIR shows the 3D objects photo-realistically, meaning that their look and feel as they are in real life, is preserved. With IIR we can simulate large environments such as the entire Black Rock City with all the camps, art, music stages, etc. and have people appear as 3D avatars that can communicate via live voice & chat.

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