Join us for an epic one-day Virtual Festival and Fundraising event!

Free to enter


Fellow burners and creators of Multiverse platform, along side the Empyrean Temple Official Honoraria Artists & Architects of the 2021 Burning Man Temple, Volunteers, and dozens of world- renowned DJ’s.



A one-day festival and fundraiser for the completion of the build for Empyrean Temple. Come and see some of BM favorite DJ’s spin live . Explore the festival & chat via live-voice chat with fellow burners across the world.



Saturday, March 27th at 2 pm PST – 2 AM PST



On your IOS or Android phones from the app store. To have a larger or 4k experience cast to your Smart tv!

Multiverse is now OPEN! Download the app and prepare for the event!


Empyrean Inception is a one-day Fundraising event and festival. Come for the party, support the cause, and stay for the people…roam the festival as a customizable avatar and explore a world filled with fellow artists and art lovers, spark authentic conversations and connect with people across the globe via live voice chat, watch live DJ sets and dance your troubles away….. all this right at your fingertips. Donations are appreciated. 


Join us by simply downloading the Multiverse app in the App Store 

here for android, or here for Apple.

We won’t let 2020 cancel our art culture! 


What does art mean to you, what role does artistry have in humanity? Well, we feel art is the internal expression of the human experience, fearlessly unleashed, for the world to see, hear, and feel that in which words simply cannot convey. 


Do your part and help the Arts!


All proceeds go toward the completion of the Empyrean Temple. The Temple at the Burning Man event is a sacred art space, for the celebration of life, joy, pain, art, community, growth. As well as a space in which people give personal release and tribute to those they have lost. The Temple is a place for healing and a reminder to all that life is short, a place of commonality in the human emotions we share in and around life and death. Empyrean Temple was designed by artists Renzo Verbeck and Sylvia Lisse, who were selected for the 2020 Burning Man Event, which was canceled. EMPYREAN yet remains to be finished for its Playa debut at the next official Burning Man Event……We call upon art lovers, makers, shakers, and movers; world-wide to come for a day of celebration, and help support through gifts of donations to give rise to the completion of the official Empyrean Temple 2021. 


Find out more about the Empyrean Temple.


NOTE: that donations ARE tax-deductible! Get the bang for your buck! Win, win! 


To many, Burning Man is one of the biggest parties on Earth. It is much more than just a party.  It is also a living art gallery, for public art, art cars, interactive experiences, large sculptures, and alternative culture. Burning Man is not one experience that fits all, it’s different for every participant. Burning Man made a weeklong event in the desert, but many hold its events in very high esteem. And of those, perhaps the heart of this event is housed in a sacred element that has been central since The Temple of the Mind in 2000. Each year since then, artists and architects vie each year for the honor of being chosen to create this space. In honor of Art and the artist community, we come together to continue to provide the support to continue this amazing art show, festival and mostly the artist community. A place where kindness, compassion, individuality are held to the highest regard. May we all come together, for a day of fun and to support art and the meaning of community. 


For this event, we are transporting some notorious camps and stages to the Multiverse where they will each be hosting 12 hours of music from some of the great past performers at Burning Man throughout the day and evening on Saturday, March 27th, from 2PM PST to 2AM PST.

Virtual Burn and other 2021 Virtual Events to be announced soon!