Sound Camp Registration

So far, lots of sound camps have already joined us. These camps designed their own stages by using our technical specifications. Sound camps have the ability to broadcast live audio and video into their virtual stage from an easy-to-use web page that acts as their control panel. These camps can manage continuous live streaming from several DJs, and have the ability to set an automated schedule. The sound camps will be holding events where some of the most famous DJs will be playing during the virtual event.  


If you are a sound camp and would like to join us, please submit your application. The deadline to submit your custom virtual stage that you build on your own is July 30th. You will need a 3D artist with knowledge of the Unity game engine to be able to design your virtual stage. Alternatively, we have a “standard issue” music stage that we can give you and you can customize some aspects of it.

Want to help us?

(1) Please spread the word. We want the world to learn about Burning man and it’s values.

(2) Please donate to us to offset the enormous cost of developing this platform.